In an attempt to head off at the pass the hordes of people who email me asking intelligent questions (insert smilies anywhere you like in that clause) I've created the following. Any suggestions for additions are, of course, most welcome.

Quick Reference

  1. Aren't you the Adrian who...?
  2. Are you related to Conrad / Paris Hilton?
  3. What the -expletive- is a suslik?

The Hilton FAQ v. 0.10

Aren't you the Adrian who...

Probably not. Here are a few of the other Adrian Hiltons of whom I am aware. If you know of any more, or have links to homepages, let me know!

Adrian Hilton:
Lecturer at the University of Surrey. Involved with computer graphics research, visual capture of 3D models. Our published papers are hopefully very different. To make further distinction, I've started to publish under "Adrian J. Hilton"; to date, I've nearly always co-authored with Jon Hall so you should be clear on which Adrian Hilton has written what you're reading.
Adrian Hilton:
An actor, involved with Christian advocacy issues. He holds the Guinness World Record for reciting the Complete Works of Shakespeare.
He performed the "Bardathon" on the site of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre at the International Shakespeare Festival in 1987. He took 110 hours 46 minutes to complete the recital.
He joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1989, and has directed classics, musicals, variety and opera.
Stood for the Referendum Party in Stratford at the 1997 UK General Election, getting 2064 votes. Also wrote "The Principality and Power of Europe", which sounds like a good read from what people keep telling me. One of these days I'll actually buy it.
Are you related to Conrad Hilton?
I wish. Not as far as our family's research has been able to show.
Are you related to Paris Hilton?
Dear Lord, I can only hope not.
What the -expletive- is a suslik?
It's a European ground (tunnelling) squirrel (Citellus suslicus) known as "Perlziesel" in German.
Oh, of course. Silly me.